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Use Ndolo360, the most responsive mobile app for sexuality education with the tap of your phone.

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Ndolo360 features

  • Info Bank

    Access our information bank of resources and guidance on all issues related to your sexual health.

  • Ask a Sexpert

    Ask all the burning questions about your sexual health and more and receive an honest response within minutes.

  • Sextionary

    Browse our extensive sexual health dictionary.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you have tons of them! Find answers to all the questions your mom won’t answer here.

  • Games and Quizzes

    Test your knowledge on basic and deep issues relating to your sexual health while having lots of fun.

  • Service Providers near You

    Gain access to a database of nearby service providers and clinics who offer youth-friendly and judgement-free SRH services.

Ndolo360 speciality

Open, Honest and Judgement-free

We’ve all been there, so we understand your worries. We give you the information and services you need without judgement.


No one needs to know who you are. All we care about are the issues you face.

Fun and light-hearted

Tons of information can be boring and we understand that. That’s why Ndolo360 is soft and lighthearted so you learn while having fun.

Up to date and reliable

Our information and resources are provided by reproductive health professionals and are updated regularly.

Why Ndolo360

Ndolo360 offers a range of user-friendly features, guaranteeing an awesome and educative user experience while having fun.

  • Light and easy to download
  • Content available offline
  • Our Sexpert is the best friend you’ve always wanted
  • Never miss out on an important update
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who developed Ndolo360

Mallah Tabot

Reproductive Health Activist

Emmanuel Ndukong

Apps Developer

Ndolo360 Offers

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    • Variety of exclusive offers
    • Reach the right people
    • Increase Sales
    • Promote your brand
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  • Become a Sexpert

    • Enriching Experience
    • At the service of young people
    • Be the silent advisor
    • Impact lives positively
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  • Partner with us

    • Join our disruptive movement
    • Unlimited presence at our events
    • Prioritise adolescent/youth sexual health
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